The first two links will help you purchase a well bred akc golden
retriever. the third link will help you pick the right puppy for your
family, help you tell the difference between a puppy that will grow up
to be a great pet for a family with children, a hunting dog, obedience dog
or therapy dog. it will also steer you away from dominant or aggressive
The fourth link will help a person produce a litter full of high
achievers! or so they say! so far, so good!

The obedience training class of Harrisburg is an obedience club that
helps you train your dog and show you how you can have a wonderful
time with your companion! this club is great for those people who also
own mixed breed dogs. your pet does not have to be a purebred to show
him in UKC trials! that’s one of the reasons I like the UKC.
there are other links here that will guide you towards purchasing pet
supplies, seek veterinarian help and others.

Please don’t forget that there are rescue leagues filled with unwanted
pets both purebred and mixed breeds. Petfinder can link you up with
both. if you would like to adopt a golden retriever, please click on the
link for Delaware valley golden retriever rescue. if you are interested
in rescuing a different breed of pure bred dog, put a search in for the
breed you are interested in and add the word “rescue”, or go to
(the American kennel club)

American Kennel Club

Golden Retriever club of America

Puppy Aptitude Test

Developing High Achievers

Obedience Training Class of Harrisburg

United Kennel Club

Petfinders All Breed Rescue

PET EDGE Supply Catalog

Southwind Golden Retrievers – Golden Retrievers Puppies, Sweet Valley, Pennsylvania – Website for your Kennel

www.DogWebs.Biz – Website for your Club or Business